Snorkeling in Bandar Khiran Island


Snorkeling Trip in Oman is surely the perfect way to blast your holidays within the lap of a magical Arabian land.

Muscat Sea Tours (team of Coral Ocean Tours), is one of the leading Sea Tour Operators in Muscat offers you an exclusive Bandar-Khiran trip (Snorkeling in Bandar Khiran Island) which is the best possible retreat and pleasure of a vacation. As it is located 25 km southeast of Muscat, Bandar-Khiran is accessible only by boat.

The sedimentary rocks that are unique to this area will definitely amaze each and every visitors. Snorkeling in Bandar Khiran Island Trip Muscat opens windows to enchanting fishing and snorkelling experience. Bandar Khiran is widely known for its ecosystem due to the occurrence of mangroves that give the habitat and sustenance for many living creatures. The Snorkelling visitors of Bandar Khiran also come across several astonishing streams at this touristic place, that is also a fascinating destination for tourists to watch the processes of erosion and denudation which occurred due to natural features such as waves, winds, etc. The spectacular caves and cavities, that are popular for the artistic beauty of Bandar Khiran, attract tourists as well as geological researchers.

Due to the presence of mangroves that provide the habitat and food for many living creatures, Bandar Khiran is famous for its ecosystem. Not very far from Marina Bandar al Rowdha, is Bandar Khiran the foremost boating terminus in the Muscat Governorate. Snorkelling in Bander Khiran paves the way to relish the beautiful bays which offer shelter to rare coral reefs, that conveys the story of the Sultanate’s concern for environment. Coral reefs of Bandar Khiran naturally attract a horde of marine life, and the shielded waters craft supreme conditions for snorkelling.

Having lavish sites, Bandar Khiran Snorkelling is full of quirky spots with calm waters and are teaming with marine life and you will see all kinds of reef fish and may be even honeycomb morays, turtles and sting rays as well as tuna, lionfish, trigger fish, parrot fish, angel fish and lots more!

Explore the Omani coastline water on a splendid vacation & visit for a Snorkeling excursion with Muscat Sea Tours, the best Sea Tour Operators in Muscat. Visit serene coves and crystal clear inlets and relish the day away from Muscat city life.

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  • Time: 12pm to 2pm
  • Price: 15 OMR/person, Price including hotel pickup and drop: 17 OMR/person
  • Inclusions: Soft drinks and water
  • Children below 12 years half price and below 5 years are free


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