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Approaching Whales & Dolphins

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  • Slow down at 500m & maintain a constant speed (less than 4 knots).
  • Approach from the side and slightly behind and follow their direction of travel.
  • Avoid approaching from directly behind or in front, or cutting across their path.
  • Avoid sudden changes in speed and direction.
  • Never chase or harass them or try to provoke a reaction by revving engines.
  • Avoid calves, and whales and dolphins that are foraging or resting.
  • Keep your distance. Allow at least 100 meters between you and a whale and 50 meters between you and a dolphin.
  • Position your vessel on the same side as other vessels that are also watching.
  • Avoid overtaking them, waiting in their path or drifting onto them.
  • If you are approached by a whale of dolphin when stationary, remain where you are. Do no re-engage your props until the animals move away.
  • If dolphins choose to bow ride, maintain course and speed.
  • Allow groups of whales or dolphins to remain together: never drive through or between them.
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